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What is this all about?

We live in such interesting times today. Investing opportunities in the capital markets abound on a worldwide scope. Before, only the very wealthy have the means and money to take advantage of investment opportunities worldwide. Now all of these have changed. Because of the power of the internet the ordinary individual can now take advantage of these investment opportunities. If you want examples on what I am talking about click on “Investing opportunities.”

A lot of people still do not realize this. In fact in the Philippines less than 1 % of the population invest in stocks. I have seen these great opportunities for some time now. In fact, I have tried it myself. The only limitation I have is more capital to invest. The investing opportunities to grow your money are endless. That’s why I’m raising capital to exploit these opportunities.

The big idea of the One Dollar Hedge Fund is to raise one dollar ($1.00 U.S) from one million investors, invest it in the capital markets for a long period of time, report to the investors the growth of their investments and after incurring a significant amount of profit distribute the profit to the investors.

Are you for real? Who are you?

Yes of course. My name is Zigfred M. Diaz, you can search me up in the world wide web. In fact I am all over the world wide web.  I think there is only one Zigfred Diaz that pops up in google. I’m a businessman, blogger, lawyer, professor, author, pastor, stock market investor, aspiring anthropologist and archeologist among other things.

I am based in Cebu, Philippines and I am Vice president for operations of a medium sized company with interest in the funeral industry (www.zanaholdings.com) I also sit in the board of a pharmaceutical distribution company.(www.jvzeapharma.com)

I’ve been blogging for some time now. My personal blog is at  www.zdiaz.com. One of my passion is investing, so I write a lot about it, especially stock market investing at www.stockmarket-investing.com. I blog about travel, anthropology and archeology at www.backpackpolymath.com.  I also have other sites which I won’t mention here because it will take too long to write about all of them.

I teach law and business subjects at two universities here in Cebu. Together with some law school buddies we authored on of the most popular bar exam reviewers called the Lex Pareto Notes. (www.lexparetonotes.blogspot.com) I have also authored several free ebooks.

I also pastor a Southern Baptist (Reformed) community church called “The Master’s Community Fellowship” (www.mastersfellowship.net)

I also sit as board of trustee of Seed4com (www.seed4com.org), a non-stock non-profit organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines. It is founded to provide help in improving human conditions and empowering poverty-stricken areas, rural and last-mile communities in the Philippines.

I’ve seen this idea somewhere, isn’t this a copycat? How did you come up with this idea?

Yes and No. Well its sort of a copy cat with a twist. The inspiration for this came from Alex Tew of the Million Dollar home page. In 2006, this guy started a very simple idea that certainly paid off. He wanted to raise money for University. To raise the amount he sold 1,000,000 pixels for $1 each. Check out his site at www.milliondollarhomepage.com.

When I came across his site just a few weeks ago, I asked myself if he can do it, why couldn’t I. I’ve read about crazy ideas on the net that became a smashing success such as the guy who exchanged a paper clip for a house. I’ve always believed in the potential of the internet. So I decided to try out this crazy idea and perhaps I will have success just as they did.

But anyway, raising capital this way is a unique idea. I believe nobody has come up with this idea yet. Let me know if there’s another site like this.

Why are you doing this?

Well I won’t be hypocritical. Of course I expect to profit out of this. For more information on my management fees check out the Investing FAQs. You probably won’t believe me if I tell you that aside from the profit, I like the challenge and the idea of growing investments. I read a lot about it, I spend time with my closest friends talking about it. It’s not so much the money itself but the idea of growing the money.

Aside from that, this is also an experiment on whether or not I can indeed raise capital creatively through the internet. In short, I like the challenge.

The site could also serve as an educational gateway to compounding interest, investments and personal finance.

Why do you need to raise $1 Million to invest?

For two reasons. First a Million has a nice ring to it. $10,000 or $ 100,000 may be nice but raising a million dollars through a crazy idea sounds much nicer. (Not to mention the amount) Secondly, while it is true that you can start investing with even less than 100 dollars, it would be much better to take advantage of market opportunities if you had a million dollars.

Why only raise $ 1.00 from each investor? Can I invest more than a dollar?

There are three reasons for this. First I’ve chosen $1.00 because it has a nice ring to it. Have you ever heard of investing in a mutual fund or hedge fund whose entry amount is only $ 1.00? This is certainly unheard of and is most certainly unique. Secondly, if you invest only $1.00 and the fund becomes bankrupt (I pray to God it wouldn’t be) you only loss $1.00! Thirdly isn’t it cool if I had the same success as Buffett and turned your $1.00 to almost $ 1 million after 55+ years hehehehe :-) I’m not guaranteeing any rate of returns though. Please read the disclaimer carefully.

Well of course you can invest more than one dollar. Perhaps you are amused by this idea and feel generous to invest more than a dollar. That’s totally fine with me.

If you want capital for investment why don’t you get it someplace else?

I’ve already raised some traditionally already but have encountered some limitations. So I thought of creative ways to raise more capital and came up with the one dollar hedge fund.

Have you tried investing your own money in the capital markets or the money of others?

I’m a businessman and as Warren Buffett says “I am a good investor because I am a good businessman and I am a good businessman because I am an investor.” Investing is my passion. I’ve read a lot of books about it, I’ve tried it. I’ve been investing primarily in the Philippine stock market for more than 5 years and had a certain amount of success with it. Sometime in 2009, I’ve asked close family members and friends to invest their money with me.

Are you crazy? Is this a joke? Is this really for real? Is this a scam ? Do you really think you can pull this off?

Do I sound like joking ? Sometimes I am crazy. heheheheh :-) Perhaps this is one of those times when I fail to take my medication for dementia when I put up this site. You could either see this site as just one of the crazy sites out there or my Eureka moment.

I assure you, I am not scamming you nor do I have intentions of running off with your $1.00 or even with a million dollars that is if I raise it. :-) My reputation isn’t worth any amount of money.

Whether I can raise a million dollars through this or not, it does not matter. At least I’ve tried out my crazy idea. Who knows it might very well work?

Can I help you promote your site?

Of course feel free to pass this link around. If you have a blog or website I’d appreciate it if you could link me up or write a review. Post it in your Facebook wall. Tell friends about it ! If you have a blog or website help promote it by placing ads in your site. Click on “Help promote” to get the ad codes.

I’ve got a question how do I contact you ?

Because of the deluge of email I expect to be getting, please read the FAQs carefully first before trying to contact me. Perhaps your question will be answered there. If you still have a question, a rather important one, please use the contact form. I charge 1 dollar per question. Hahaha just kidding.:-) Be aware however that I take a long time to reply because of the fact that I am such a busy person. However rest assured that you will get a reply.

Wow ! Great idea, I’m convinced. I want to invest my one dollar now ! How do I start ?

At the right side bar click on the Orange “PAYNOW” Button and Paypal will process your $1.00 investment. Please Read the Investing FAQ and the Disclaimer before you decide in parting with your $1.00 or any investment amount to avoid any misconception about the program. Should you wish to invest more than $1.00 click use the contact form to contact me to signify your intention to invest more than $1.00.

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