Invest Now !

To invest your $1.00 please click on the “PAY NOW” at the right side bar (Please read the notes below for an explanation on why you are being charged $1.50)

For investments MORE THAN $1.00 please use the contact form to contact me to signify your intentions to invest more than $1.00.

Why am I being  charged $1.50, I thought I was only to put in a dollar ?

This is because Paypal charges me for the payments I receive from you. The $.50 will shoulder the various fees by Paypal etc. This way it will be ensured that I will receive $1.00 not $1.00 less charges. The Paypal fee is 2.9% plus $0.30, so that for $1.50 that is $0.329. So the net I will be receiving is $1.17. The $.17 will take care of currency fluctuations and other charges in moving the money around. So all in all, I will still receive a $1.00.

I only noticed the fee when the first investor contributed his first $1.00 . Good thing I noticed it early. But since it was my mistake, I will be shouldering that one, its just $.329 anyway hehehehe :-)

If I invest more than a dollar ? Will I also be made to pay the Paypal fees.

Yes. Any money you put in will be deducted the corresponding Paypal fees. The net amount is your investment amount. I will inform you about this when I send you feedback that I got your payment

What if I sent less than $1.50 ?

First we will contact you and ask you to send an additional amount to complete the $1.50 (expenses shouldered by you of course). If within 3 days after you are first contacted you did not send any additional amount to complete the $1.50, the initial amount you sent will be considered as a “donation” to the fund.

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