Investing opportunities

Like I said, we live in such interesting times wherein there’s so much investing opportunity around the world ! With the advent of the internet, us ordinary investors could exploit this opportunities which were once only the domain of the wealthy. If only we had the capital. But that is exactly the purpose of this site ! To pool capital from ordinary individuals.

Especially in these times of global financial crisis, stocks in some countries are very much undervalued ! Other opportunities abound as well.

The Philippines has continued to be a sweet spot for investors and the golden age of Philippine stocks is yet to come. With a big population, more stable and honest government and growing economy, the Philippines is expecting its 7th year of stock market growth. From being “non-investment” grade several years ago, now, rating agencies has placed the country in investment grade status and just one or two notches below being top investment grade.

The following are examples of investing opportunities in the past wherein the “crazy market” could have yielded you “crazy profits.” These are actual facts and figures, however mention of these companies should not be construed as stock endorsements of these companies. They are cited here to give you an example of the investment opportunities that could had been exploited.


Globe Telecoms is a telecommunications company in the Philippines. In the early 1990s it has positioned itself as one of the pioneer companies which introduced the more advance GSM technology during that time into the Philippines. With the introduction of text messaging the Philippines was poised to be the “text mesaging” capital of the world. This spells fat profits for mobile phone companies. In 1997 GLO stocks sold for P 152.00 per share. Ten years later, in the bull market of 2007, the stock sold for P 1,700.00. If you do the math this adds up to 27.31% annual compounded return !


Jollibee Foods corporation is a Philippine based fast food company that started as a small ice cream parlor in the 1970s. Today, there are more than 1600 Jollibee stores in the country. JFC has recently expanded operations to 9 other countries. Its brands now include Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Yonge King, Chun Shui Tang and Manong Pepe. (And recently Mang Inasal) In 2001 JFC stocks sold for P 12.50 per share. Six years later, in the bull market of 2007 the stock sold for P 52.00 per share. The annual compounded rate of return in six years time is 26.82 % !


Megaworld corporation is the Philippines second largest real estate corporation and is considered as the Number one condominium developer in the Philippines They are also considered as a major innovator in the real estate market with the introduction of the “Live, learn, work and play” concept. Currently its business operations include developing and marketing residential, office and commercial spaces and the operation of hotels. In 1997 the market priced MEG stock at only P.43 per share despite its having a book value of P 1.587 per share. The Asia financial crisis has severely affected the property sector during that time. Ten years later, in the bull market of 2007 the stock sold for P 4.25 per share. This means a 25.75% annual compounded return in 10 years time !

More examples to come ! There’s this one Philippine stock wherein if you had invested P500,000.00 in 2008, and sold in 2010 it would be worth P 9,000,000.00 + A whooping 1,000% return in just 2 years ! Stay tuned, I’m still putting together the facts and figures.

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