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Hi ! My name is Zigfred Diaz and I’m the owner of this website and the portfolio manager of the One Dollar Hedge Fund. (ODHF)

You’d probably be thinking right now that this is a crazy idea or that I am crazy but I consider this as my creative way of raising capital to invest in the capital markets.

I’m warning you. This is a crazy site, run by a crazy person, who has a crazy way of raising capital to invest in crazy markets in order to hopefully attain profits that will drive you crazy. :-) heheheheh Investing here is not for the faint hearted !

In 1956, Legendary stock market investor, Warren Buffett started his investing career with seven limited partners who pooled in $105,000 . Compounding it at an average of almost 30 % per annum, he managed to grow their money worth into billions today. Literally a dollar invested with Buffett 55 years ago is worth almost a million dollars today !

Now I am not saying that I can turn your $ 1.00 into a million dollars after 55 years. I may not have the same success as Buffett. But what’s to keep meĀ  from trying ? :-) Also who knows I might succeed ? If I don’t, after all you only loss a dollar. :-) So why don’t try investing in the One dollar hedge fund today ! Read the Investing FAQ if you have more questions. If you want to start investing click the orange “PAY NOW” paypal button at the right side bar.

Be a part of internet history ! Participate in this crazy social media, crowd investing experiment ! Invest now !


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